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Bridget Kranz, Lillie News, 08-12-19

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Walker Methodist, 08-08-19

Dementia is a disease that typically affects those over the age of 65, but it can appear earlier. Some mistakenly believe cognitive decline is a normal part of aging when, in fact, only a small percentage of the older population will experienc…

"This place is great! I have recommended Westwood Ridge to all of my family and friends for short term care."
– Shereen Evans
"We recommend Levande to our friends. The facility is very adequate and the employees are friendly and always helpful."
– Mr. & Mrs. Robbins
"The team here treats our mother like she's their mother. Isn't that what all of us want for our loved one?"
– Family Member of Resident
"There's a spirit of happiness and acceptance here."
– Rosemary, Resident
"I can't believe how the staff and other residents have proved to be so wonderful! There is such great attention to every detail."
– Carole Tollefson